Lambada Slices

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Total time: 1 hour



For the lambada slices, beat eggs, sugar and the pulp of half a vanilla bean with a food processor until foamy, then fold in flour and baking powder. Spread the mixture on a baking pan lined with baking paper and bake in a preheated oven at 180° C for about 10 to 15 minutes.Boil the sugar with orange and passion fruit juice, stir the cornstarch with a little water until smooth and bind the juice with it. Soak the gelatin in cold water and stir into the hot mixture. Season to taste with Malibu or white rum. This gives the exotic kick to the lambada slice. Allow the mixture to cool, stirring several times. If lumps form, simply puree the cream with a hand blender or pass through a coarse sieve.

Spread the stoked orange mixture evenly on the cooled biscuit base. Whip the whipped cream with the sugar and orange zest until stiff and spread over the orange mixture. Briefly soak the biscuits in an orange juice-rum mixture and place on top of the whipped cream mixture. Chill in the refrigerator.

Before serving, melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Decorate the lambada slices with the melted chocolate.

Preparation Tip:

Put the scraped vanilla pod in a jar with sugar. After a few days you have so easily homemade vanilla sugar.

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