Strawberry Jelly with Elderflowers

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Total time: 30 min



For the strawberry jelly with elderflowers, rinse the strawberries when cold and remove the seeds.

Squeeze in a fruit press or possibly drive through a juicer. Place in a fine sieve with the juice of the lemon and drain leisurely.

Rinse elderflowers, strip from stems, wrap in a muslin cloth and place in strawberry juice. Mix the jelling powder and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a wide saucepan. Add the juice along with the muslin cloth. Stir over medium heat and let the juice bubble, 1 minute.

Squeeze and remove the muslin cloth. Stir remaining sugar and citric acid into juice, bubble for 3 minutes.

Pour the jelly into glasses after the foam has settled. Close the jars, put them on the lids and let the strawberry jelly with elderflower cool down.

Preparation Tip:

For 6 twist-off jars take 250 ml each. The strawberry jelly with elderflowers can be kept for about 1 year at a storage temperature of no more than 18 °C.

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