Steamed Cod Fillet with Spicy Vegetable Allsorts and Core Oil

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Total time: 15 min



For the cod fillet with spicy vegetable allsorts, wash the vegetables and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Cover the bottom of a pot with water, and add spices.

Put the cauliflower in the pot, then the cod fillet on top and cover with the rest of the vegetables. Put the lid on and steam over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

When the cod is cooked through and the vegetables are firm to the bite, stir everything vigorously so that all the components mix well, add a dash of kernel oil and season again with salt and pepper.

Preparation Tip:

The cod fillet with spicy vegetable allsorts can be prepared with any vegetables. Other firm-fleshed fish to your own taste can also be used for this.

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