Spareribs with Plum Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Split spareribs into individual ribs, place in saucepan, add boiling tap water to just cover. Cover and sauté over medium heat for 25 to half an hour.

Stir plum puree, soy sauce, peanut oil (1) and orange juice (3) to make marinade.

Separate ginger from peel, press through a garlic press. Cut pepperonis in half lengthwise, pit, rinse, chop in strips, add to marinade.

Drain spareribs, place side by side in a shallow dish, pour 1/2 marinade over. Cool, turn 1x to the other side.

Sauce: Mix remaining marinade with remaining plum puree and orange juice. Cut spring onions into slices. Wait for necessary embers in charcoal grill, grill meat on oiled broiler for 5 to 1000 cmin, turn to other side, grill another 5 to 1000 cmin. Serve with remaining sauce.

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