Saltimbocca Vom Zander

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Total time: 30 min




For the saltimbocca of pike perch, lightly plate the pieces of pike perch, wrap in the raw ham (thinly sliced!) and prepare for frying.

Cut the vegetables into long, fine strips, zucchini is best cut with the zest ripper. Blanch vegetable strips briefly and drain. Cook pasta al dente and drain.

For the pesto, mix all ingredients in a cutter (e.g. in the Moulinette) to a creamy paste and season well. Do not season too strongly with garlic!

Pull the fish briefly through the flour and quickly fry on both sides until crispy. Toss the pasta together with the vegetable strips in a pan, mix with cream and season with hazelnut oil.

Place the pasta on warmed plates, top with the fish fillets and serve with the pesto.

Preparation Tip:

The saltimbocca of pike perch can also be prepared once with a different pesto.

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