Sage Chicken with Parma Ham

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Cut off the legs and the breast with the bones from the chicken. Cut the wings into small pieces. Chop the carcass into several pieces. Heat a heavy, shallow roasting pan. Sear chopped carcass and wings in it until fat oozes out. Roast until golden brown on both sides. Extinguish with water and cook the liquid leisurely without a lid.

In the meantime, cut all the drumsticks at the joint and skin them. Cut off the knuckles with a heavy kitchen knife. Using a kitchen knife and kitchen shears, split the brisket down the middle and cut each with bone into 2 pieces. Skin the brisket pieces as well. Peel the garlic.

Top each unsalted piece of meat with a sage leaf and wrap tightly in a slice of Parma ham. Remove shredded carcass and wings from roasting pan. Brown the chicken pieces in the remaining fat on both sides over medium heat. While doing so, place the leg pieces in the center and the breast pieces on the edge of the roaster.

Add fennel seeds and garlic and sauté, turning, seasoning with pepper. Then deglaze with the wine by the tablespoonful and steam for a total of 45 min. Put the lid on so that a small gap remains open. Turn the chicken pieces several times to the other side and boil the roast stock again and again.

Remove the meat from the roaster and keep warm with the lid closed. Dissolve the roast stock with 200 ml water. Add the remaining sage. Boil the stock to 2/3. Later ü

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