Penguin Igloos

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Total time: 45 min



For penguin igloos, first prepare cupcakes according to basic recipe and let cool completely.

Shape 12 small triangles (beaks) from orange fondant, set aside. From the remaining fondant, shape 24 small “waddling fins”: To do this, roll balls, flatten, shape into a triangle and press grooves into the wide side with a toothpick.

Knead white fondant until smooth (it should not be too fluffy) and shape into oval cones about the size of a thumb. Roll half of these (lengthwise) in cocoa powder, place on a plate. Wet the prepared fins and beaks with water (to make them stick better) and glue them to the penguin bodies. Press on chocolate pearls as eyes.

For crawling penguins, place prepared cones (bodies) on work surface with light side down, use fingertips to form a pointed tail and glue two fins (grooved side down) below.

Melt chocolate coating slowly in a water bath. Chop large marshmallows if necessary or cut into slices (for larger “ice cream bricks”). For “igloo entrances,” hollow out large marshmallows with a sharp knife.

Now build the igloos: To do this, release the cupcakes from the ramekins, cut off caps and place upside down (making a cone shape). Coat with chocolate glaze and stick marshmallows all around. Carefully skewer penguins on a toothpick and stick on top of igloos.

For igloos with crawling penguins, glue each of the prepared “igloo entrances” and stick a crawling penguin inside (fix inside with white chocolate if desired).

Sprinkle penguin igloos thinly with coconut flakes for a “snowy look”, refrigerate and serve as fresh as possible.

Preparation Tip:

The penguins for the penguin igloos can of course also be prepared from marzipan. For the "Fräcke" you can also use dark chocolate coating or black colored fondant instead of cocoa powder.

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