Partridge in Jelly

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Total time: 45 min



Cold partridge tastes great. To do this, fry the young partridges in a bacon shirt until soft, let them cool and cut them into dainty pieces, removing the bones and skin.

Then prepare the white wine jelly from the gelatin, the white wine and the clear soup, flavor it with sherry and a little bit of pepper and pour a thin layer of it in a mold suitable for overturning. When this layer has set, it is decorated with pieces of truffle, slices of hard-boiled pistachio nuts, eggs, pieces of foie gras, and some cooked peas and/or yellow beets. Over this, again, thin jelly is poured. When the jelly has set, the pieces of partridge are placed in a pleasing arrangement and the rest of the jelly is poured over them so that the pieces of meat are completely covered. The mold is then placed in a cold place.

The jelly is inverted and served with the decorated bottom up. It can be topped with bouquets of cress, alternating with heaps of a spicy mayo.

Our tip: Use bacon with a subtle smoky note!

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