Norway Lobster on Bean Puree with Cress Spinach Chutney

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Total time: 45 min



Maybe your new favorite bean dish:

Except for the little red friends, everything can be prepared together without any problems – it’s a huge effort, but as a compensation you get international top class The whole madness already starts the day before: the beans have to be soaked in lots and lots of water for one night. Then pour it away and boil the beans in new unsalted water until soft.

Depending on the type and age of the beans, this takes between half an hour and 120 minutes. And to spare our blender, they may be just as clearly over “al dente”. Drain again and rinse under cold water, then flip the bean seeds out of the shell. In a blender-safe container, combine with a peeled and minced clove of garlic and extensive juice of half a lemon to make puree of desired consistency. Season vigorously on salt and freshly ground pepper and stand like this for the time being.

Rinse spinach and cress. Roast pine nuts in a frying pan on medium heat with two dashes of olive oil until light brown, add spinach and cress and fall together, keep turning the whole thing to the other side so the pine nuts don’t get too dark. Take everything out and cool on a plate. Put the frying pan back on the stove and extinguish with not too little vinegar – about 20 ml – (cough!), add the raisins and meanwhile do it until the liquid has almost completely evaporated. In the meantime, cress, oli

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