Filled Bangers

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 36.0 (servings)



This “explosive” dessert owes its name to the fact that the wan-tans, dusted with powdered sugar and filled with coconut and dates, are twisted in like firecrackers.

Toast the sesame seeds in a small ungreased frying pan over high heat, stirring, until golden after about two mins. Remove immediately and set aside.

Put the walnuts and almond slivers in a hand mixer fitted with a metal blade and, while it is crushing the nuts, add the dates. Once everything is finely ground together after about 30 seconds, add orange and lemon zest, shredded coconut and sesame seeds. Run the hand mixer repeatedly for a short time to mix the ingredients evenly.

Remove the mixture from the hand mixer and form into a firm ball with your hands. Place the wan tan dough wrapper on top so that the tip is facing the working end. Shape two tsp of the farce into a small cylinder and place it diagonally across the front tip of the dough. Slightly moisten the opposite tip with water. Then roll the cylinder away from the worker into the pastry case. Slightly moisten the two side tips on the insides and then twist them together in a helical shape so that everything looks like a cracker. Fill the other dough wrappers in the same way.

Heat the peanut oil in a 30 cm ø frying pan over medium-high heat until hot. It will have the right heat when a small dough stick is inserted into it.

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