Emperor Duckling on Potato Waves

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Duck Leg With Sauce:




Duck legs with sauce:

Remove as much skin as possible from the duck legs to allow enough room for stuffing. Rinse the legs with water, rub dry and slice along the bone on the underside. Remove all bones with a sharp kitchen knife.

Place boned leg, skin side down, on aluminum foil. Remove tubes and skin remnants from foie gras, rub dry and place on top of duck legs. Roll up the meat and wrap the legs individually in strong aluminum foil, twisting the foil edges tightly together.

Bring veal or chicken stock to a boil, place the parcels in and quietly cook the legs for about 40 minutes. Take the duck legs out of the foil and brown them briefly in oil. Take out, extinguish the gravy with red wine, add the dark poultry stock and cook everything together at a good temperature and season. If the sauce is too liquid, mix in cold butter.


Rinse the potatoes, make, peel and press through the press. Stir in butter dissolved in the whipping cream, season the puree with salt, pepper and nutmeg and keep warm.


Briefly toast the flaked almonds until they take on a little color. Make two small incisions in each of the pointed ends of the quail eggs and insert the lightly toasted almond flakes as beaks and press the cloves into them as eyes. Score each of the leek leaves on one side to form a fan. Attach to e

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