Cold Passion Fruit and Carrot Soup with Poultry Chili Balls

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Passion fruit carrot soup:

Poultry Chili Balls:


The soup is cooked and pureed with potatoes, carrot juice and vegetable stock, among others. The poultry breast balls refined with spices and wrapped with potato spaghetti.

Passion fruit and carrot soup

Peel and finely dice shallots and garlic. Peel and coarsely dice carrots and potato. Peel ginger and grate finely. Heat butter in a saucepan and sauté garlic, carrots, shallots and potatoes. Add the ginger, pour in the passion fruit juice, carrot juice and chicken stock and season with salt, pepper and chili from the spice grinder. Boil the soup for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then blend finely in a glass blender, pour through a sieve and set aside to cool.

Poultry chili balls

Chop the poultry breast very finely, or put it through the middle disk of a meat grinder. Place the meat in a large enough bowl.

Add the garlic, shallots, chili, soy sauce, cilantro, sesame seeds and egg yolks and knead everything together well. Season the mixture heartily with salt, pepper and chili from a spice grinder. Rinse and peel the potatoes and twist into long strands using a potato spaghetti machine. Form the poultry mixture into balls and wrap them with the potato spaghetti. Heat clarified butter in a frying pan, bake the balls in it until golden, drain on kitchen roll and season with a little salt. Cut the passion fruit in half, remove the fru

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