Chocolate Dessert Ice Cream & Hot

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Total time: 45 min

Canache filling:


Mint sorbet:


Today, confectioner Georg Maushagen conjures up a chocolate dessert with a liquid center – truly exceptional and, thanks to the delicious mint sorbets, a wonderful refreshment for the hot season.

A canache is a cream made of chocolate or cooking chocolate and whipped cream. Put all the ingredients in a suitable bowl and heat over a hot water bath until the chocolate has dissolved and the ingredients have combined to form a cream.

The cream will set once it has cooled. From this amount of canache, pipe small balls 2 centimeters in diameter onto a piece of parchment paper or cut them out with a spoon and place them on the parchment paper. Freeze the prepared balls.

Soufflé mixture Beat sugar, eggs, yolks, salt, orange zest and ginger in a baking bowl until creamy. Melt the dark chocolate in a warm water bath and remove the baking bowl from the water bath.

Then fold in the butter until it has combined with the chocolate. Then stir the chocolate mixture into the egg foam.

Mix and sift the wheat and rice flours. Then fold the flour mixture into the prepared chocolate-egg mixture. Brush small metal baking dishes with butter and flour them. Fill the ramekins halfway with this souffle mixture, center a prepared small scoop of frozen canache, and top with the souffle mixture until the ramekins are two-thirds full. Fill the ramekins

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