Cheese Toasts – Jacqueline Amirfallah

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



Poaching broth:


Peel the pear [1], clean and cut into slices. Season white wine with a little sugar, add bay leaf, bring to a boil. Poach the pear slices in it. Later take them out and drain them.

Steam the de-barked toast slices over steam for a short time, if necessary, and roll them evenly with a rolling pin. Drizzle with a little walnut oil, place the Gorgonzola cheese – cut to size and de-barked – on the toast slices, brush the edges with beaten egg [2] and cover with the remaining toast slices, pressing the edges together.

Cook a salad dressing from mustard, salt, apple cider vinegar and walnut oil and marinate the chicory in it.

In the meantime, toast the toasts in clarified butter at low temperature until golden brown. Degrease on kitchen roll.

Arrange the toast slices with pear slices and chicory. Garnish with walnuts.

[1] It is not necessary, if you use organic pears, or possibly pears from your own, unsprayed trees, you can – you should – use them just as unpeeled.

[2] You can also use egg whites only.

Tip: Instead of clarified butter, you can also use butter in most cases.

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