Braised Shoulder of Venison

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


To the marinade:

For the cooking pot:


Because the meat is quite lean, you wanted to give it a little fat. This is provided by the pickling needle with pork fat cut into small strips. After a one-night pickling bath of water, red wine, vinegar and the usual root vegetables and juniper berries, the meat is dried and placed in the crucible. It is seared.

Gradually one adds the roasted vegetables. These are celery, onion, carrots and leek cut into cubes or slices. The latter is added at the end so that it does not become bitter.

Now the wooden spoon comes into action: a little pepper, thyme, salt and paprika are added to the cooked meat and it is dusted with flour. This is done so that the meat remains juicy and does not lose all its strength in the sauce. While it is cooking, pour red wine three times in a row.

In total it takes one pint. Then pour cold beef broth, cooled so that there are no lumps. The meat is covered with the beef broth, a little bit of paradeis pulp is stirred in and the cooking is finished. It takes about an hour. In this game dish, the sauce is not drawn separately, but the saddle of venison remains in conjugal union with its “fat” almost until the end.

Only shortly before the “end of life” is there a brief separation. But “he” is not “cooled down” but kept warm, and must wait until “she” with cranberries,

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