Beer Garden Recipes: Radi

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Total time: 45 min


For this:


It really couldn’t be simpler, because here the kitchen stays cool.

But the Radi belongs now once to a gescheiten snack.

Tricks of the preparation:

Slice the radish at a 90-degree angle to the long axis. But don’t cut all the way through – only half or two-thirds! Turn on it to the other side. And repeatedly notch slice by slice, but – now not at right angles to the longitudinal axis, but diagonally. When this is done, you can pull the radi apart like an accordion and season with salt.

And must still have a little bit of patience, because now it must first lie for a while and “sweat” or “cry” – that is, the salt must draw water. And then it can start.

In addition a fresh farmer’s bread with butter. There is nothing more to say!

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